Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As we prepare to make this life altering transition from living in a sticks and bricks home into a RV, there is a lot of discussion taking place! Decisions are on the horizon! What do we want? What do we need? And what do we want to avoid? Where do we start? Decision time!

There are several different types of RV on the market.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Sir Shorty Pants Card

sir, fancy, pants card

From Sir Fancy Pants…

I had such a fun time planning and making this card. But first I need to provide a little back story.

Last year Betty said she needed a promotion card for a Lt. Colonel at her job. So knowing he has a sense of humor and really enjoys our cards, we wanted to make it extra special.… And Now the Rest of the Story

5 Things I Won’t Miss About Living In Alaska

icicles, frigid, alaska

After the post last week about all of the things I will miss when we move out of Alaska, you had to know this was coming! Here we go. You can check out the 10 things I will miss here.

5 Things I won’t miss about living in Alaska

  1. The cold, long, miserable winters!
winter, road

Long, dark, lonely winters

As I get older, the ice and snow are much more trouble and work than I care to endure.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Traveling Isn’t In The Cards, YET!

road, traveling

A slow start to the traveling part.

It will be a while before our ‘real’ traveling truly begins. We aren’t purchasing our new home on wheels for a few more months. And we are both still working our day jobs.

Working day jobs… still

Betty is still working her full-time job with the Corps of Engineers.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Stamps, Paper, Ink, Passion

rubber stamp, card, red dress

Stamps, Paper, Ink,  and Passion

One of my favorite crafts is rubber stamping. I’ve been practicing for years and years, getting better, but I still need to practice more. In 2001, Betty and I took our first class to learn about technique and in general, the basics. We bought all kinds of stamps, paper, ink pads, and supplies.… And Now the Rest of the Story

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