10 Months and 7 Adventures

We are down to just about 10 months before we pull out of this driveway for the last time. That gives us a few months to do and see more of Alaska, now is the time to start planning the next escapade.

ice sculpture

Ice Sculpture

Ice Sculptures in Fairbanks

Come February or March, dates not known at the writing of this post, you will find us in Fairbanks, Alaska to experience the World Ice Art Championships.… And Now the Rest of the Story

She Is My Inspiration

Britanie Michelle Whitmer, my one and only BMW, you are my inspiration!

My 23 year old daughter, Britanie, is my inspiration. She is one of the strongest, most independent young women I know. Britanie is non-judgmental, compassionate, understanding, witty, and caring.


Britanie at Nate’s Wedding

Britanie was born with a cleft lip and palate which required multiple surgeries over her life.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Thank You For Your Business, Jesse & Lauren!

Day 7 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge and I am still alive!

The challenge idea for today is to post about something fun. That is super easy for me! I just finished a Thank You card for one of our food truck clients. Thank You for your business, Jesse! We were invited to work the evening after their reception.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Lesson I Learned, Or Was Recently Reminded Of

Today is Day 6 of the Ultimate Blog Challenge

chalkboard, lesson

Lessons Learned

A suggestion was to post about is a lesson I learned. I didn’t make it to my age without learning a lot! So, narrowing it down to only one lesson is a challenge, in and of itself. But in keeping it relevant, a recent lesson I learned, or at least I was just reminded of, is some people will do anything they can to steal your joy!… And Now the Rest of the Story

What Will We Do With All This Free Time?

time, clock

I’m in a day dreaming kind of mood today! What will it be like once we step out for this new adventure? Will we be busy? Will we get bored? Where will we go next? What will the typical day look like?

Crafting Under The Awning

camping, awning

Crafting Under The Awning

I am guessing the answer to this particular question would be much the same if we continued to live in our sticks and bricks home.… And Now the Rest of the Story

Baby Steps to Get There

Baby Steps to success! Well, it is day three of the Ultimate Blog Challenge! I’m excited to continue. Yesterday I told you about myself. I am thinking today would be a great opportunity to tell you a bit about where we currently stand in our journey to full time RVing. This listicle is more to hold me accountable than anything else!… And Now the Rest of the Story

30 Day Ultimate Blog Challenge

30 Day Ultimate Blog Challenge

So…. I have started on my way to posting on this blog every day for the next 30 days. This will certainly be a challenge, maybe me of a challenge than I am ready for! But I am giving it my all.


Blog, Blog, Blog


At the beginning of this challenge idea I was thinking finding topics could be the most challenging part of this entire deal, but then I thought, ‘I live in Alaska, I could post about something each day about this great state’, so, nope, that probably won’t be the biggest obstacle  after all.… And Now the Rest of the Story

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